Certification Exams

Our certification programs help anesthesiologists demonstrate their expertise. While certification is a voluntary process,
healthcare organizations and patients view it as the gold standard of quality.


Staged Exams

Our staged exams, taken during and after residency, encourage physicians to engage in more sustained study during training. If you complete your training on or after June 30, 2016, you’ll take the staged exams – the BASIC, ADVANCED and APPLIED Exams – to become certified in anesthesiology.


Focuses on the scientific basis of clinical anesthetic practice, including pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, anesthesia equipment and monitoring. We encourage residents to take it at the end of their CA-1 year.


Focuses on clinical aspects of anesthetic practice and emphasizes subspecialty-based practice and advanced clinical issues. Anesthesiologists take this exam after graduating from residency.


Is offered multiple times each year at our Assessment Center in Raleigh, N.C. It includes two components – the traditional Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) and a new Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) component – that you’ll take on the same day.

Traditional Exams

If you completed training before June 30, 2016, you'll take the Part 1 & Part 2 Exams to become certified in anesthesiology.


Focuses on clinical aspects of anesthetic practice and emphasizes subspecialty-based practice and advanced clinical issues. Anesthesiologists take this exam after graduating from residency.


Offered multiple times each year at our Assessment Center in Raleigh, N.C. The SOE uses guided questions that include a patient’s brief clinical history and emphasize the scientific rationale underlying clinical management decisions.

Subspecialty Exams

Physicians certified in anesthesiology who complete an ACGME-accredited subspecialty fellowship can pursue certification to demonstrate their subspecialty expertise. We currently offer subspecialty certification in the following areas.

Critical Care Medicine

Specialists who work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals in the ICU to provide vital support for critically ill patients.


Multidisciplinary specialists who diagnose and treat patients with a range of painful disorders.

Hospice &
Palliative Medicine

Specialists who relieve suffering and control symptoms of seriously ill patients during the last months of their lives.


Multidisciplinary specialists who care patients with sleep disorders and other sleep-related issues.

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Specialists who manage the care of children undergoing procedures in operative and critical care settings, and treat acute and chronic painful disorders.

Neurocritical Care Medicine

Specialists who provide comprehensive multisystem care of the critically ill patient with neurological diseases and conditions.


We offer the on-demand Anesthesiology Special Purpose Examination (ASPEX) for diplomates who need to establish that they have passed a secure, medical-knowledge exam within the last 10 years to gain a state medical license.


    The ASPEX is a four-hour, computer-based exam with 200 multiple-choice questions with a single best answer for each question. The exam assesses general- and anesthesiology-related medical knowledge.

    Exam keywords Sample questions

    You can request to take the exam within a two-week window of your choosing at a Pearson VUE testing center. The first day of your desired two-week window must be at least four weeks from the date you register with us.


    If you are interested in taking the ASPEX to gain state medical licensure, click the link below to request a registration form link. Once we process your registration, we will send you information on how to schedule your exam with Pearson VUE for one day within the two-week window you chose

    Email for Information


    The non-refundable registration fee for the ASPEX is $800, which must be paid by check to the American Board of Anesthesiology. If you are unable to take the exam within the two-week window you chose, you may move your exam to another two-week window by submitting a written request with a check for the $500 extension fee.


    You will not receive an ABA certificate upon passing the ASPEX.

Cancelling Your Exam

Mail us a cancellation request letter with the cancellation fee at least one week prior to the first day of the exam administration week to retain your registration fee for a future exam. If you don’t cancel and miss your exam appointment, you'll forfeit your registration fee.



APPLIED/Part 2 Exams

Subspecialty exams





important information

If you miss your scheduled exam because of an unavoidable or catastrophic event, mail us documentation of the event with your cancellation fee. We must receive it no later than three days after your scheduled exam date to retain your registration fee on account for your next exam.


ADA Assessment Accommodation

We support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by accommodating individuals with disabilities who demonstrate the need for an exam modification. Anesthesiologists may request an accommodation by reviewing our guidelines and submitting a request in their portal with documentation of their disability.


BASIC (Summer)

ADVANCED (Summer), Part 1

Critical Care Medicine

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Adult Cardiac Anesthesiology

Pain Medicine

BASIC (Winter)



ITE-Pain Medicine

ITE-Critical Care Medicine

ITE - Pediatric Anesthesiology

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Exam Rescore Policy

We employ extensive and rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of exam results and have no record of a discrepancy ever being detected. However, we offer a rescoring service for anyone who wants their exam to be reevaluated. Your request must be postmarked within six weeks of the date your exam results were released and must include a check for $250. We verify that the responses as scored were made by the examinee and were correctly transformed into a scaled score. We'll send the rescore results to you within six weeks.